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August 2, 2006, 1:57 am
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Diary of a fighter
July 30, 2006, 5:27 pm
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The journal below is a log of events & emotional diary of a fighter. The person potrayed is entirely fictional. The tournament is a simple national level tournament. See if you can spot some of the familiar sights & feelings.
14th December 2003:
4:00 pm – Weigh in. The stadium is filled with officials & athletes in track suits. I am fighting in featherweight female category. Every girl I pass I size her up. Oh god, is she in my category? She’s so tall…
4:30 pm – Weigh in starts according to club. Joseph failed his 1st trial weigh in. He’s too heavy. I lent him my windbreaker so he could jog to lose some fluid.
4:35 pm – I weighed in at 57kg..Phew. Joseph managed to lose his extra 0.5 kilos. However he had to strip to his underwear to pass the weigh in. 😀
5:00 pm – Coach says to meet at stadium tomorrow at 7.30 am

15th December 2003:
6:00 am – So early! Packed my equipment. Ransacked room in search of groin guard. Bathed..Stopped on the way to buy some bread.
8:00 am – Tourney to start at 9.00 am. Breakfast with team members at nearest mamak. Half boiled eggs & coffee.
9:10 am – Bout chart released. 1st round bye…Muahahahhaa…quarterfinal meeting a girl from Koryo, semifinal its either a girl from Sarawak or MMU and then…well…let’s not think so far..Mine is bout 21 Ring A
10:00 am – Cheered hard for Joseph. He lost though.
10:30 am – Suited up. I am red (Hong). Warmed up. Kicked some pads. Butterflies in stomach. Went to inspection. Long fingernails. Darn it..Hunted for a clipper.
10:45 am – ENtered ring A. Geez…why is she so tall..why am i so fat & short? My chop kick got stuck on her shoulder. she pushed me off. Rotten player.. Referee gave her a kyonggo (warning) I won by points. 4-3. Gotta work on my stamina
12:00 pm – Lunch (take-away) from nearby stall. Standard chicken rice with vege.
1:10 pm – Suited up. I am blue (chung). Joseph helped me warm up. My opponent is Chin Chin from Sarawak. She knocked out her opponent. Joseph brought me in. Very aggressive. Keptm retreating. %^&*!! Lost by points 7-10.
2:00 pm – Watched other matches. Dozed off.
3:30 pm – Bought a pair of TKD shoes frm the stall outside.
6:00 pm – Medal giving ceremony. Some VIP on the podium yakking away. Exchanged phone numbers with some long-lost buddies. My bronze medal looks tacky.
6:15 pm – Group photograph. Goodbyes.
6:30 pm – Tourney over.

July 30, 2006, 5:16 pm
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For awhile after getting my black belt in 1996 ( I was in Form 6 then), I was lost. Taekwondo was something I loved very much. But practising the same forms and executing the same blocks and punches were becoming boring. So I deviated. I took up karate and wushu. Both martial arts taught me something new. Humility and that techniques that are correct in MA1 may not apply for MA2. Karate stances were too low for me but karate taught me that forms are supposed a blend of hard and soft; fast and slow (something I did not learn from TKD). Karate taxed me to the limit when TKD did not anymore (maybe I’m just lousy).

Simply put, I was bored with TKD. But in the end, I returned to TKD. As a working adult black belt, what can I do to enhance myself in TKD?

Where do you wish to go after getting your black belt in Malaysia?

  • Become an instructor

  • Referee

  • Compete professionally

1. Instructor

  • TKD martial art or Taerobics

  • Obtain an MTA Level 1 & 2, NSC Level 1 (First Aid)

  • Register as an MTA Affliate (xx number of students, RMxx registration fee)

  • Part time – assistant instructor


  • Side income

  • Meet people & kids (I love kids!)

2. Referee

  • Attend 2 referee refresher course

  • Officiated 2 tournaments


  • See people & places

  • Know people

  • Witness amusing tournaments

3. Compete professionally

  • Fighter

  • Performer (demo)

  • Must be really good skill-wise


  • $$

  • See people & places

  • Satisfaction & glory of winning

Burning out
July 30, 2006, 5:06 pm
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When I first started TKD, my enthusiasm was evident. By the end of my first class, I was already ordering a dobok from my instructor. Every kick I did, I tried 110% & I was proud of every kick & block. Each mistake I rectified by practising it a hundredfold. I even turned off switches and closed house doors with kicks.After I got my black belt, I found that the skills to learn & apply are limited. I thought I had learned all that I could. My world has suddenly become smaller. I used to count the days to the next class & putting on my dobok was something I was proud of.

I couldn’t believe it then. If there were a statistic count or poll, I daresay that only 3 out of 10 black belts survive to 2nd dan, fewer even to master level. Factors?

– few black belt classes
– change of interest/environment (shift from studying to working)
– shift of priorities
– unclear 2nd dan and above syllabus
I am aware that being a black belt, the responsibilities now change to educating your juniors, assisting in class. But there exists a number of us who just aren’t cut out to teach/instruct. What do we do?

Signs you are facing burnout

    – no longer looking forward to next class
    – dirty uniforms, no rush to the laundry
    – uniform scattered carelessly
    – don’t feel left out although missing one class
    – no future objectives or goals
    – skipping training for other plans & not feeling guilty
    – don’t try as hard in drills anymore
    – creating excuses to skip training
    – sense of relief when class is cancelled

TIPS to overcome burnout

    – take a month off training
    – re-evaluate what u want to achieve frm training
    – talk to your coach to set a target & work towards it (for black belts, try competition, refereeing, coaching)
    – give yourself small rewards for attendance & accomplishments in each class
    – learn TKD philosophy & apply it to class
    – watch inspiring TKD clips & videos
    – learn another martial art & apply it to TKD (you’d be surprised, trust me I know)

Someone once told me that it’s alright to let go. If all else fails, maybe it is time to let go of TKD & move on.

July 30, 2006, 5:04 pm
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Elements Description
Perfect technique Do not rush
Balance try not to be off balance when changing directions
Power Explosiveness
Stance Powerful n solidAvoid stomping
Visualization Eyes on target
Breathing Loose n relaxed until the moment of striking or blocking
Coordination Synchronization of arm and leg

Why learn poomsae?

  • To hone basic stances, punches, kicks and blocks

  • Upgrading

  • Self defense

  • Maintain discipline in following commands

July 30, 2006, 5:01 pm
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Osu fellow martial artists!

BudoKid here. Welcome to my Martial arts blog. Here I will record my thoughts on martial arts; ranging from Taekwondo, Karate and wushu.

My life in Martial arts started as a coincidence. I was walking home from school and I heard a class going on. I had always been interested in martial arts (it was the era of Jackie Chan), so I started Taekwondo (TKD) in 1994 when I was 16 years old.Loved it so much, never looked back. Fought for State, taught some classes, organized some national events, eventually became an International Referee for the country. When I first started, I was considered a pretty OK student at the the time, I had the flexibility and endurance. The first time I sparred when I was a white belt with a black belt, he broke my lip. Nevertheless, I was undeterred. It was easier to quit. But I trained harder and harder. That black belt stayed a first dan until now. Today, I am a 3rd dan black belt.

At the same time, I became fascinated with the different rhythms of kata in Karate, so I started Karate Gi To Ku kai, where I learnt til I had to leave state for university. In university, I competed actively in TKD and took up Shito Ryu Karate.

After graduation, I still competed actively, but age was catching up. I broke a ligament in 2001 (more on that in my next entries), had ACL reconstruction in 2003 and resumed training. 1 year of Wushu helped my recovery process and in 2005, I started joining my first Kyokushin Karate class. I had been training TKD for so long, I forgot about the martial way.Kyokushin Karate rekindled this spirit in me.

Today I teach Kyokushin karate to kids part time. I used to teach TKD too but due to some political shift in the organization that will be discussed later in this blog, I chose to teach Karate.

In this blog, I will record my thoughts and training plan, my lessons, the kids I teach, my previous MA stories, encounters while refereeing, MA books that I own and MA related software that help in MA school management. MA made me the person that I am today and I wish to share this with fellow martial artists and wannabe karatekas, taekwondoins, wushu exponents etc. This blog will chronicle my passage and journey in MA, at the same time, providing an online resource in terms of links and article excerpts that will hopefully, improve your own MA career.

  • MA tips
  • training log
  • teaching log
  • demo version of MA related software
  • MA book reviews
  • MA magazine excerpts